3 Ingredient Homemade Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe – gluten/soy/corn free (can also be dairy free)

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16oz strawberries (I used fresh organic strawberries. A frozen bag would work too.)
1 orange
10-18oz yogurt (I used Stoneyfield organic vanilla, but you can use any flavor or kind that you want. The amount you use will depend on how creamy you want it. I would recommend starting small and continuing to add until it reaches your desired consistency.)

Making it:
Cut up the strawberries and the orange (They can be in large chunks). Put them in a sealable container, as flat as you can get them so that they freeze faster. Then put them in the freezer. I froze them overnight, but it would probably only take a couple of hours.

After they are sufficiently frozen, put the fruit in a food processor or blender with the desired amount of yogurt, and blend to a consistency that you like. The frozen berries will automatically turn the yogurt into just the right temperature.

You can then eat it or freeze it. For freezing it, put it in a sealable container.  If you freeze it you will need to move it to the refrigerator about 1 1/2-2hrs before or the counter for about 20 minutes before you are ready to eat it.

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