Elmo Themed 2nd Birthday Party – With A Yummy Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Chocolate Frosting Recipe

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We hosted my son’s party for his 2nd birthday this past weekend, and had an Elmo theme for it. I was busy getting ready from about 8-1:30, the party started at 2pm, and the last guests left a bit after 5pm. It was a long and exhausting day, but well worth it!

On this table I had a bunch of food. On the right I had apple slices and cinnamon graham crackers to dip in chocolate chip cookie dough hummus that I found the recipe for at Chocolate Covered Katie. In the back are 2 kinds of goldfish to symbolize Elmo’s pet goldfish Dorothy. In between them I put Elmo colored M&Ms in a vase for decoration. In the middle of the table I had broccoli, celery, tomatoes, and carrots with organic ranch dressing dip. And, on the left is just some basic bbq potato chips.

On one counter I had a 3 piece crockpot. The left pot had cut up pieces of nitrate free hot dogs mixed with organic bbq sauce (my version of mini-weiner dogs). The middle pot had the cut up hot dogs without sauce. The right pot had ground turkey for bite-sized tacos. On another counter (I don’t have a picture of it) I had a full-size crockpot with bbq meatballs.

We have a “movable/detached” dishwasher, so i decided to cover it with an Elmo-colored red table cloth, which is where I put the cupcakes. I made gluten-free cupcakes with a recipe from gluten-free goddess and my own recipe for chocolate frosting (which is delicious, by the way).

Dairy-Free Chocolate Frosting
Beat Spectrum Organic Palm Shortening until smooth. (I ended up using 3/4 of the container for 36 cupcakes)
Add in powdered sugar until the taste/sugariness is to your liking (I made my own by putting organic sugar in a blender for a couple of minutes), and beat until smooth.
Add in cocoa powder until the taste/chocolateness is to your liking,  and beat until smooth.
Add in dairy-free milk to desired consistency and beat until smooth.

The reason I have not included measurements with this short and easy recipe is because it’s all going to depend on how many cupcakes you are making and how you like your frosting to taste.

On this table I had 2 jars. The jar on the left is a message jar. We had all of our friends and family write notes to and prayers for our son, which he will read when he is older (we have one for him from his 1st birthday party as well). I decorated this jar with pictures of Elmo. The jar on the right is filled with  m&ms that I counted. Guests were invited to guess how many were in the jar, and the winner got to take it home. It was a nice little game for the adults to have a good time with.

To go along with the Elmo theme I had small Elmo plates and cups for the kiddos, along with red plates, cups, and silverware for the adults. We had an Elmo tablecloth on the main table and Elmo balloons throughout our house.


  1. Thank you for the frosting recipe! Super cute party theme!

  2. Thank you!
    For the recipe you can cut the shortening in half and use dairy-free butter as well. I couldn’t do that because dairy-free butter has soy and soy-free butter has corn so… :-p


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