Sort-Of Green Smoothie Recipe Along With Some Other Smoothie Ideas

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This recipe has been featured in Life With Levi’s Family Table Friday!

I am calling this a Sort-Of Green Smoothie because it doesn’t quite come out looking green. It’s free of all major allergens (gluten/dairy/soy/corn etc) and super healthy for you. At the bottom of this post, I have listed some other smoothie ideas courtesy of my readers, so make sure you check those out too!

Sort-Of Green Smoothie
(gluten/dairy/soy/corn free)

4 oz. frozen strawberries
1 cup spinach
1 tablespoon soaked chia seeds
1/8-1/4 cup allergen-friendly chocolate chips (I used mini chips. Amount is up to your taste.)
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 cup dairy-free yogurt
1/2 cup water or milk (Start small and continue adding more, possibly as much as 2 cups, until it reaches the consistency you want)

Making It:


  1. Soak your chia seeds (1 tablespoon of seeds and about 5 tablespoons of water combined. Make sure there is enough water to cover the seeds.)
  2. Get all of your ingredients together after you start the soak, so that the seeds will be ready once you are ready to start the blender.
  3. Put your strawberries into the blender, then add the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Blend for a couple of minutes until it reaches desired consistency. Makes one full glass.

Some wonderful smoothie ideas from your fellow readers:

Johanna: Her delicious orange spinach smoothie recipe is located here.

Daphney: “1/2 banana, 2TB peanut butter, 3 ice cubes, 1 cup milk, 2-3 swipes of cinnamon, and I normally add 1TB of’s Daily Herbal Boost. Its delicious & you can add 1TB of organic Cocoa powder if you want a chocolate one!”

Binky Pink Bowtique: “4oz chobani greek yogurt (I have been using the honey but the recipe calls for either plain or vanilla), 1 frozen banana, 1 c almond milk, 1tbs peanut butter, and 4 cups fresh spinach”

Christina: “I freeze yogurt in ice cube trays, pop them out and keep them in a big freezer bag so I can pull out as many as I need. If I’m making enough for the 4 of us, I put 4-5 yogurt cubes, 1 cup of juice(I usually do fresh squeezed orange juice), 1/2 cup of mixed berries(you can do less or leave it out), and then fill the blender to the top with spinach.”

Heather: “spinach, a banana, and a handful of strawberries with ice! add almond milk for a creamy addition.”

Sharon: “I do frozen strawberries about 8 or so large berries. a banana 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt and some juice. I typically add grapefruit, but you can use orange juice. Blend WELL and enjoy. Sometimes I will hand a handful or 2 of blueberries when in season. I do frozen berries so it’s a frozen smoothie, but you can use fresh no problem.”

Tdmamma: “banana, peanut butter, bran flakes, ice cubes and milk or vanilla yogurt.”


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