Strawberry Oat Bars Recipe – Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Corn Free

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I found a recipe online for blueberry oatmeal cookie bars at Turning The Clock Back that looked delicious. Some of the ingredients I did not have on hand, and some I am allergic to, so i decided to tweak the recipe to make it my own.

Strawberry Oat Bars
This recipe is gluten/dairy/soy/corn free.

1/2C Brown Sugar
1C Gluten-Free Flour Mixture (I use Karina’s over at the Gluten Free Goddess.)
1C Gluten-Free Oats
1/4t Baking Soda
1/2t Chia or Flax (optional)
1/4C Gluten/Dairy/Soy Free Chocolate Chips (I use Enjoy Life.)
1/2C Oil (I used organic canola.)
1 1/2C Strawberry “Jam” (Give or Take. Can use less, can use more.)

Making The “Jam”:
Unfreeze 10oz frozen strawberries. Make sure there is some liquid. (Or use regular strawberries and cook on the stove until they are a little bit liquidy.)
Mash up the strawberries. I used a potato masher, and it took about 30 seconds.
Mix with 1-2T powdered sugar. I didn’t have any corn-free powdered sugar already made, so I just mixed in organic cane sugar and tapioca starch.

Making The Bars:
Mix all of the dry ingredients.
Add in oil and mix well.
Layer half of the mixture into a small baking dish. Put the “jam” on top of it. Then add the rest of the mixture.
Bake on 350 for 25-30 minutes.

My thoughts after eating it:
I baked it for 30 minutes. I wish I had baked for 25 instead.
Next time I will be using more strawberries. I used what I had in the house (this was a spur of the moment project), but I think it would taste better making the “jam” with about 15oz of strawberries instead of 10.
Otherwise it was delicious! A little bit goes a long way with this. I thought a tiny piece was really filling.


  1. Heather says:

    This sounds really yummy – wondering if it might be good if those extra 5 oz of strawberries were chopped instead of ‘jammed’

  2. Yeah if you want chunks of strawberry, then that would probably be a good option.

  3. the worstest mommy says:

    That is awesome! What a great allergy friendly recipe. I’m going to spread it around everywhere!

  4. Aww thanks so much :)

  5. These look so yummy and with being such allergy free I could make these for my son’s upcoming birthday party and EVERYONE could eat them! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  6. Naina John says:

    I eat oats regularly. Would love to give it a try.

  7. These look great. Can’t wait to try the recipe.

  8. Yay! I hope you like them!

  9. kate lempke says:

    Could i just use almond flour or coconut flour in place of the “flour blend”. i’m new to this and have almong and coconut flour on hand :)

    • Because I created this recipe before I started using almond flour and went grain-free, I haven’t tried making it with either almond or coconut. Almond and coconut flours absorb liquid differently than all-purpose flour, gluten-free flour blends, etc. You can certainly do a trial with one of them. I believe that almond flour absorbs less liquid than a gluten-free flour blend, while coconut absorbs more liquid than a gluten-free flour blend. If you would like to try it out, I would recommend starting small and continuing to add more flour until all of the liquid is properly absorbed (I hope that makes sense). For example create the recipe but use almond flour instead of the flour blend. Then, continue to add more almond flour 1 tablespoon at a time until it becomes a dough consistency (you can see in the photos on this post what it should look like raw). Or, make the recipe using the coconut flour instead of the flour blend. Then, continue to add more liquid (oil or melted butter) until it becomes a dough consistency. Adjust the brown sugar as needed for taste and sweetness. Good luck!

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