How To Keep Fruit From Spoiling While Traveling (Or In The Fridge At Home) – No Vinegar Products Required

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This post is going to be short and sweet. We travel a decent amount and we eat tons of fruit. Typically when we travel we are out and about with a packed lunch. And typically if we are staying at a hotel or something, we only have a mini-fridge. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Pinterest about washing your fruit in vinegar before storing it so that it doesn’t get moldy. That’s not an option for me because of my allergies. So, how do I keep our fruit from getting moldy and going bad? Two words: Paper Towels.

Now a few more words – I wash and slice the fruit. I get either a sandwich bag (or freezer bag, etc) or a tupperware container and line the bottom of it with one paper towel. I put the fruit on the paper towel, then cover it with another one. That’s it. Super easy. So, why does this work? Well I’m no scientist, but my educated guess would be because the paper towels absorb the moisture, and if the fruit doesn’t have that moisture it’s less likely to get moldy. If you’re going to be keeping it stored that way for more than two days, I would recommend changing out the paper towels. But don’t worry, the fruit still stays juicy and delicious. I promise!

I’ve been using the paper towel method for about two years now and have never had my fruit go bad. This past week I ran an experiment. We were out of town for three days. I took two sandwich bags full of grapes using the paper towel method, and I left some grapes at home without paper towels. The grapes I took stayed fresh the whole time, while the grapes I left at home were moldy when we got back.

So, got any tips for me?


  1. Thank you so much for this tip! I just threw out half of my strawberries yesterday because they were spoiled already.

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