Maybe Baby? Where Does Adoption Fit In The Whole Scheme Of Things?

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After being hospitalized, on bedrest for five months, and going through such a difficult pregnancy, my hubby and I aren’t sure if it would be wise for me to get pregnant again, especially because I stay at home with our 2 1/2 year old son. Adoption seems to be a central theme of the Bible, with the topic seen a lot in the fact that God has adopted us as his children and the fact that we are called to care for orphans. So, that is what has given us a heart for adoption and the belief that we may possibly be called to adopt our next child.

This has been a really difficult process for me. It’s sad knowing that I may never have a “normal” pregnancy. It’s also sad knowing that I may never have another birth child or another newborn. On the other hand, the other day I was looking at some mini profiles of children in the state of Maryland waiting to be adopted and my heart broke. These children range in age from 6-21 and some of they may never be adopted. Is it my duty, as a believer, to care for them?

So we’re at this point – trying to decide if we should use an agency or if we should go through the state. A private Christian agency could provide us with a newborn, and the ability to work with a company that shares the same values and beliefs as us. The agency we had been looking at, though, has a wait list two years long. As much as I would love to care for a younger child, I’ve strangely felt called towards the older children I read about. I’m stuck wondering, though, if that is something I can handle. I just keep having to remind myself that if God truly calls us to adopt an older child through the state, He will give us the ability and the know-how to take care of them. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it does mean that He will sustain us and teach us.


  1. If we are ever in a position to adopt, I would definitely think about an older child. I hate to see them get left behind!

    My sister’s youngest three children are adopted: twins as toddlers from Ethiopia and the youngest as a newborn.

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