Recipe: Super Simple And Cost-Effective Homemade Vegetable Broth

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This recipe only requires four things: water, vegetables, seasoning, and a crock-pot. Making your own with this recipe is probably about 10 times cheaper than buying some at a store.

Vegetables – Of your choosing. I used two onions, six gloves of garlic, and four bay leaves.
Water – Enough to fill your crock-pot.
Seasoning – Of your choosing. I used garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and black pepper; about two tablespoons of each.

Making It:

  1. Put the vegetables in the crock-pot.
  2. Fill with water.
  3. Add seasoning, then stir.
  4. Cook on high for about 4 hours or low for 8-10 hours. OR, what I did was cook on high until it started to boil (about 2 hours), then reduced it to low (allowing it to simmer) for 6-8 hours.
  5. Strain and store.

After mine was done, I let it cool. Then I filled up ice cube trays and glass jars with the broth and stored it in the freezer.


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