Recipe: DIY Edible Snowman Craft For Kids

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My son hasn’t seen very much snow in his lifetime, yet he talks about building a snowman weekly. Since there’s no snow in sight here in Maryland, I thought it would be fun to make a snowman indoors. My son and I came up with an edible snowman craft made from food, that is both easy and healthy. Plus, it’s tasty and it’s a great way to get your kids to eat healthy! My scarfed his down in a matter of minutes purely because it was fun to eat a snowman.

1/2 of a banana
3 small, thin pretzel sticks
3 raisins
2 toothpicks

This snowman is small, like the height of your hand, so please keep that in mind when I list measurements in the directions.

Making It:

  1. Cut the 1/2 banana into three pieces, making sure that one is small in size, and the other two are a little bit larger.
  2. Pick out two raisins that are roughly the same size, then pick out another raisin that is much smaller. We found one that looked pointy, which was perfect for this craft.
  3. Break your pretzel sticks so that two are the length of tiny arms and one is the length of a tiny mouth.
  4. Put one toothpick into the largest banana piece, making sure that half of the toothpick is sticking out the top. Place the next largest banana onto the other end of that toothpick so that the banana chunks are stacked on each other.
  5. Put the second toothpick into the top banana piece, again making sure that half of the toothpick is sticking out the top. Then place the smallest banana onto the other end of that toothpick. All three banana chunks should be stacked at this point.
  6. Put the two larger raisins onto the smallest banana (the head of the snowman) to look like eyes. Put the smaller, pointy raisin sticking out just below the eyes to look like a nose.
  7. Place the smallest pretzel piece below the nose to be a mouth. If you are having trouble getting the eyes, nose, or mouth to stay put you can wet the back of each one before pushing them into the banana head.
  8. Put the other two pretzel stick pieces into the middle banana as arms.

My son loved getting to eat his snowman after we were done making it!


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