Bring Your Child’s Imagination To Life Through BabyFirstTV’s Educational And Fun DVDs

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Since discovering the kids section of Netflix, my son has taken a liking to some of the BabyFirstTV shows. Shows like Harry The Bunny, Art and Music, and Color Crew have been at the top of his viewing list. He really likes almost anything that involves art or music, so I wasn’t surprised by his preferences.

We were recently given the opportunity to receive an assortment of BabyFirstTV videos {by Mill Creak Entertainment} to check out. We were sent Harry The Bunny – Come Along and Play, Shushybye Baby – Bedtime Stories and Songs, Sweet Dreams – Soothing Sights and Sounds, Baby Class – Building Blocks of Learning, Art and Music – Sensory Wonderland, Best of BabyFirst – An Educational Adventure, Color Crew – All About Color, and Numbers Around the Globe – Adventures in Counting. Each of these DVDs contain 90+ minutes of video for kids to watch. They are geared towards babies and toddlers, but I have even found myself interested in several of them. In fact, I will admit to singing along to the songs on more than a handful of occasions!

So far my three year old son has really enjoyed Harry The Bunny and Baby Class the most. The main premise of Harry The Bunny is exploring new things. He goes on adventures to learn, while teaching through repetition to those that are watching. In Baby Class, the child watching can follow different animals around the world, counting and learning shapes as they go. Baby Class really makes counting fun. Children can not only hear each number as it’s being counted, but also see the number, which is great for both visual and auditory learners. Although my son can already count very well, it has become a good way for him to continue practicing. This one is also fun for us because there’s a character with the same name as my son :)

All of BabyFirstTV’s videos are colorful, fun, and educational. They promote development and learning through exploration. Babies and toddlers can learn about words, sounds, shapes, numbers, and colors. They can also learn concepts like near and far. I really like that the DVDs are all-encompassing. They have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to presenting developmentally appropriate information in a way that is not overstimulating, but rather just stimulating enough for children. They use repetition, music, humor, and movement to promote an educationally rich environment for both the children and the parents to enjoy.

BabyFirstTV is available through many cable providers. You can find out more about them through their website. You can also check out some of their products via their website or Amazon.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. Please note that the opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by outside sources of any kind. Please use due diligence when making any purchase decisions.

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