Allergen-Friendly Road Trip Snack Ideas

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This post on allergen-friendly road trip snack ideas has been made possible by Contigo. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Allergen-Friendly Road Trip Snack Ideas

I love road trips! Getting us all ready to go, which includes making a massive amount of allergy safe food, is tiring, but it’s always worth it. For our family road trip vacations, I usually pack a reusable grocery bag full of snacks for each person and a cooler full of lunch and dinner foods and other perishables for our meals.

But what about for the car ride? The amount I bring for the car always depends on how long the drive is, but the foods I bring are usually the same because they are easy to travel with, and they taste good. Here are some ideas for allergen-friendly road trip snack ideas. All of them are, or can be made, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, tomato, potato, egg, coconut, peanut free.

Paleo Trail Mix

Rice Cakes With Sandwich Meat – I usually go with Applegate Farm’s turkey.


Fresh Fruit – Easy ones that I can prep ahead of time, like strawberries and blueberries. I utilize my no vinegar needed how to keep fruit from spoiling method.

Dried Fruit

Muffins – You can make a small batch the day before you leave.

Homemade Pepperoni


Applesauce Squeeze Pouches – Mess free, which is perfect for road trips.

Smoothies – This one may seem like the strangest one on the list, but really, it works. You can make any kind of smoothie you want, then store it in a Contigo AUTOSEAL® West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug. One nice aspect of the West Loop is that the lid automatically seals in between sips, so if you have it in your cup holder, it won’t leak or spill when you go around a curve or have to stop short for any reason. The mug is also vacuum insulated, is spill and leak proof, has a double wall, and has temperature retention. In fact, if can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours! See, now the smoothie concept doesn’t seem so strange. Blend it up, then pack it up, for a refreshing road trip snack!

Contigo Contigo

What snacks do you like to bring on road trips?

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  1. Tiffany C. says:

    We like to bring bananas, apples, crackers, and a cooler with yogurt, water, juice, and cheese in. I ate eating fast food on road trips. We always pack things.
    Tiffany C. recently posted…Create the Cutest Instagrams on the Block with Rhonna DesignsMy Profile

    • I'm not a fan of fast food either. Although it's convenient, I think it's actually more expensive in the long run, plus it's not very food for you.

  2. Great list! We use Contigo thermal mugs for everything – coffee, tea, and water. LOVE them

    Hanan recently posted…Coca-Cola’s Hunt for America’s Favorite ParkMy Profile


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