Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Small Business

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This post on inexpensive ways to promote your small business has been made possible by WhoopTee. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Small Business

I consider my blog to be my small business. I always try to be transparent about what is sponsored via product or monetary compensation. I always try to mix sponsored content with non-sponsored content each week. And, I always try to make sponsored content helpful and fun to read by writing posts that contain helpful tips. So, since this site is my small business, I do promote it to help my business grow. Here are some inexpensive ways you can promote your small business. Each of these ideas are really simple and helpful.

After you read my tips, leave me a comment letting me know what your small business is! Also, enter a great giveaway sponsored by WhoopTee to help promote it!

Social Media – Promote via social media by creating pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and whatever else you may way to use.

Interact With Other Businesses – Do this for fun, and not in a spammy way. You can easily do this on Facebook, for example, by commenting on their status updates using your business page’s name. Make sure everything you are saying is relevant, and don’t name drop or leave your links all over the place. This will get your name out there to a new audience without spamming the heck out of them.

Freebies – Give things away for free. Not so much that you’ll bankrupt yourself, but just a few things here and there. You can do this via blog giveaways, or you can provide products to someone or someplace in your community. This will help to spread your brand name.

Cross Promotion – Promote another company in exchange for them promoting your company. Again, this will get your name out there to a new audience.

Word Of Mouth – If you have a cake business, you can make a cake and bring it to a friend’s party. If someone likes it, they may tell a friend who was not at the party. This a good way to spread some information about your business.

Custom Clothing – You can make a custom t-shirt with your business name and/or logo on it, and wear it around town. I know that I, personally, will read what’s on people’s shirts, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I actually made a t-shirt for my site through a company called WhoopTee. It took me about 5 minutes to make, and I had fun designing it. I have noticed that when I wear it out, people read it. I have even had someone ask me what it said. For the cost of one custom t-shirt, I now potentially have 50 people seeing my site’s name whenever I wear it out. As a small business owner, that’s a big deal to me.


If you make clothing with your business name on it, I highly recommend using WhoopTee. Even if you don’t want something with a business name it, custom clothes are fun! You could put anything you wanted on it – such as a school name, a photo, etc. They have so many styles and colors to choose from. And it’s not only t-shirts. They also have sweatshirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, collared shirts, pants, shorts, and more, all in different styles.



Now you can make your own custom t-shirts! WhoopTee is giving away one winner prize package of one design, and they’ll print two shirts of that design. So, make one shirt and receive two of that design. Enter here.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. Please note that the opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by outside sources of any kind. Also note that this post may contain affiliate links. Please use due diligence when making any purchase decisions.


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