How To Save Money And Still Buy Organic

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Information for this post about how to save money and still buy organic is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network. All opinions are mine.

How To Save Money And Still Buy Organic

We all know that buying organic can be really expensive. And when you’re working on trying to build-up a savings, the task of trying to afford organic products can be daunting. Before I knew about the dangers of chemicals, I didn’t understand why anyone would want to spend the extra money, but after doing research, I now get it. I don’t buy everything organic, though, as it’s really not financially feasible. I’ll walk you through the steps to go from debt to organic. Here are some of my tips for how to save money and buy organic.

Kill, Budget, And GoalsKill debt. Use the debt snowball if you need to. Start with the smallest debt, and work your way up to the largest amount. Create a budget. Budget for how much you will be spending on groceries every week. Use cash so that you don’t exceed your grocery budget. Create savings goals. How much will you save each money? If you feel you can’t stick to that goal, have it taken directly out of your paycheck every month, and put into a separate account.

I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more comfortable with this process. I have learned a lot about killing debt, budgeting, and setting goals, and I know I will continue learning throughout my lifetime. I found an article on Yahoo called “Women and finance: Growing older makes women better with women” and I totally agree with the sentiment of it. I think that as we age, we can get smarter about our finances and how to handle each obstacle that might come our way.

Learn How To Handle Obstacles – So you’ve killed your debt, created a budget, and started saving for retirement. But what happens when you hit a speed bump? Make sure you have a broad plan so that if you have money in the stock market and it takes a dive, you’ll be prepared, or at least as prepared as you can be. Also make sure that you plan for cost of living changes as you age.

Buy From The Dirty Dozen – You’ve got your budget all worked out and you’re saving well, but money is still tight. What I do is buy from the dirty dozen. We can’t afford to buy everything organic, so I try to stick with the fruits and veggies that are on that list, and also buy organic dairy and meats, as well as fresh caught fish.

Use Coupons – There aren’t a ton of coupon options for organic food, but you can find some online, from the Whole Foods website for example.

Buy Local – Many local farms aren’t labeled organic (it’s an expensive process to get labeled), but they could be non-GMO and may not use harmful chemicals.

What are you some of your tips for saving money and still buying organic?


  1. Great tips! I am starting to buy more and more organic products.

  2. Great information!

  3. Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy says:

    Yes, we prioritize our food dollars in the same way. We buy organic when the food is on the Dirty Dozen list and don’t worry about the rest. I really appreciate that you pointed out that “organic” is now a label and part of its cost is the licensing. Lots of farms follow organic growing practices but just can’t afford the label. We’re lucky enough to have several small farms nearby, and we buy produce directly from them. We’ve learned that locally at least, “no spray” means the same thing and costs much less.

  4. Sound, practical advice.
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  5. i have found that buying organic is really worth it. I buy the cheapest organic apples, use coupons, and grab the deals when I can. It’s actually pretty fun!
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  6. We do the same thing for organic! There are ways to save, just have to be more creative about it….theres always plenty of ways to save on junk food, but clean eaters like us have to combine sales & buy in bulk more than we can use coupons….wish there were more coupons for healthy organic foods!

  7. I don’t have experience with buying organic. My only one would be to stock on items that store well when they do happen to be on sale.
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  8. Great tips! This is exactly what I do to try and avoid pesticides and eat green-on my student budget :) Some greenhouse grown crops are also grown with virtually no pesticides, so sometimes I opt for those- after doing my research. Otherwise, I just stock up when there is a sale, especially if I’m able to freeze it.

    • I haven't looked into greenhouse grown crops, so I appreciate the tip! I'm a big fan of stocking up and freezing as well!

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