Making Fun Games For Kids With Common Household Objects

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Making Fun Games For Kids With Common Household Objects

So there’s this thing called rain that keeps us inside on some days. And then I’ve got this chronic illness that keeps us inside many other days. We’ve learned to be creative with what we have inside the house – to make up fun games with random household objects that I’m sure most of you have sitting around.

Indoor Hopscotch – Using cardboard. Just break down the cardboard boxes, and either open them up or cut them into squares.

Rocketship – Using a kids sized chair or a cardboard box. My son has a little table with some chairs, so sometimes he’ll use the chair. Other times he’ll get inside a cardboard box. He’ll count off “3, 2, 1, Blast Off!” and then pretend he’s driving. He’s even colored the inside of the box to make it his “own”.

Sword Fighting – Using pencils (unsharpened of course) or straws. Not violent fighting, just fun “hi-yah” fighting.

Castle – Using couch cushions and pillows. Most parents go for the indoor tent using blankets and tables game. My son is a fan of castles, so we build up a castle wall using couch cushions and spare pillows.

Binoculars – Using empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. He likes to look out the window at the birds. He also likes to look at me through them.


What games do your kids like to play indoors? What common household objects do you use?


  1. Great ideas. It’s amazing what you can do with a cardboard box.

    We use blankets and chairs to make living room forts!
    Kecia recently posted…40 Amazing Apple RecipesMy Profile

    • We love cardboard boxes around here because there are so versatile. And being a blogger, they aren't hard to come by ;)

  2. Painters tape everywhere! Use it for roads and hop scotch and boundaries to your kingdom :)
    mryjhnsn recently posted…Top 5 Tips for Parents at Back 2 School Time (plus a @Staples Giveaway!) #sponsoredMy Profile

  3. Hi Erica,

    Nice Ideas, They all seems an amazing. Definitely, I will recommend them to my boy. Thank you very much for sharing with me.


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