4 Family Friendly Attractions in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland comes to life every single summer when approximately eight million people flock there to celebrate the sun, the heat, and time with family and friends. There are ten miles of sandy beaches for people to sit on along with a three-mile boardwalk for everyone to walk along, whether in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening as the sun is setting in the sky.
Here are 4 family friendly attractions in Ocean City, Maryland:

1. Movies on the Beach

There are numerous nights throughout the summer when family friendly movies are shown on the beach at 27th Street and 118th Street. These movies begin at 8:30 in the evening on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with the location determined by the day of the week. Families can grab a blanket or some chairs along with their popcorn and drinks and watch a movie under the stars together.

2. Family Beach Olympics

Family time doesn’t get any more exciting than it does during the Family Beach Olympics at Ocean City. These Olympics are held every Tuesday, beginning at 6:30 in the evening, at the 27th Street beach. Families can participate in the tug-of-war, relay games, sand castle contests, and more. If you can break away from the action for a moment, it’s a great time to take a few action photos of your kids having fun.

3. Jolly Roger Amusement Park

Jolly Roger isn’t a traditional amusement park as people only pay for the rides that they want to go on. Guests will love the water rides and slides, miniature golf, go karts, zip lines, swings, roller coasters, and the carnival games. This is the perfect spot to spend an hour or two away from the beach with the kids as a special treat.

4. Pirate Adventures of Ocean City

Every child loves adventures and they’ll be telling tales about this one for years in the future. The little mates get their faces painted and become the crew, so that they can read the secret map to find the underwater treasure. Unfortunately, others are after those same treasures and water cannons need to be fired to save the ship! There’s a lot of singing and storytelling amongst the finding of the treasure and saving the ship, plus every little mate takes home their share!

The beach and the boardwalk might be the most popular destinations in Ocean City, but families have many other options to stay busy while they are visiting. The above four family friendly attractions are the most popular, but there are numerous other attractions that are just as exciting and adventurous that every family will enjoy.

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