Recipe: Gluten-Free Crock-Pot Mac And Cheese

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Crock-Pot Mac And Cheese
{gluten/soy/corn/potato/tomato/egg/coconut free, with dairy-free options}

This recipe is definitely going on my Thanksgiving meal plan. It makes a great side dish or main dish, and works as a warm winter comfort food AND a summer barbeque side. Three things make this crock-pot mac and cheese so great: It’s simple, it’s tasty, and it’s flexible as far as substitutions go! Oh, and it looks just like it was baked in the oven!

16 oz uncooked pasta (I used gluten-free macaroni noodles.)
3-4 cups cheese of choice, depending on how cheesy you want it (I used one cup of goat cheese, two cups of raw cheddar cheese slices, and one cup of raw colby cheese slices. You can also use yogurt – dairy free or otherwise. Or Daiya, or rice shreds, etc.)
4-5 cups milk of choice (As the pasta cooks you may need to add more. I ended up needing 4 1/2 cups.)
1 flax egg – 1 tablespoon flaxseed+ 3 tablespoons water (Or a regular egg if you’re not egg-free.)
2 tablespoons mustard powder
1 tablespoon black pepper
2 tablespoon garlic powder

Making It:

  1. Mix milk, flax egg, and seasonings in a bowl.
  2. Put pasta in the crock-pot, then add milk mixture and stir.
  3. Cover with cheeses.
  4. Cook on high for about 1-2 hours or low for about 2-4 hours. I stirred every few hours, to both check on the consistency of the pasta and to make sure there was enough liquid in there to cook it.

Obviously everyone’s crock-pots cook differently, so please keep calm if yours takes shorter or longer than mine :)


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