Tips To Keep Energy Costs Down This Winter

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Harman Stoves for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.Keeping energy costs down during the winter is so important, especially with how expensive electric and gas costs can be. So how do my family and I try to save money on our utility bills?

Unplug cords from outlets when they aren’t needed. An example of this is cell phone cords. When the phone isn’t charging, unplug the cord. This is especially important when going out of town. We always unplug everything, including the tv (with the exception of the fridge, microwave, stove, and modem).

Keep the oven cracked after baking or cooking in it. I never do this when my son is around, but if he’s already in bed for the night, I will leave it cracked to let some of the heat into the house.

Use a blanket. I like use a blanket when sitting on the couch. It’s cozy and keeps me warm.

Turn down the temperature on the thermostat. I turn it down 3 degrees when we leave the house for basic around town trips and 5-7 degrees when we leave the house for a trip that has at least one overnight. I also turn down the thermostat 2 degrees each night when we head to bed. We are all snuggled under blankets, so there really is no need to keep it at our day time temperature.

Something we aren’t able to do, but would be nice – use a wood burning fireplace or a stove. Stoves are freestanding and can use wood, pellets, or coal, and are a good way to reduce your carbon footprint while heating your house. Plus, they can really save you money on your utility bill. Harman Pellet Stoves, for example, are a popular heating alternative that have been known to cost 44% less than oil, 47% less than electric, and 53% less than propane heat. And because this type of biomass fuel is composed of renewable, carbon-neutral products, it is also an extremely eco-friendly option.

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