The Most Useful Computer Apps And Programs

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Being a blogger, I’m frequently on the computer. But, to be honest, even if I wasn’t a blogger I would still utilize the computer quite a bit. Here are some of the most useful apps and programs I have found.

PicMonkey – It’s an online photo editing and collage tool. I find it most helpful for my blogging since I am able to edit every aspect of a photo, plus add whatever text I want, along with being able to add symbols and other fun “accessories”.

Google Calendar – Ever since we updated our home computer’s operating system iCal has stopped working. I can see what’s already there, but I can add to it or edit. So, I use Google Calendar now. I can put in any due dates, appointments, trips, etc. that I want. I like that it allows me to color code everything. And, it has all holidays built-in.

Google Drive – I can open up documents with it, plus I can create, edit, and store documents as well.

Dropbox – This is a free storage system that can be synced to multiple computers and devices (even iPads, iPhones, Kindles, and Androids). Anything that can be stored on a computer, can be stored on Dropbox. It’s like having a free external hard drive – If I lose everything on my computer, whatever I put on Dropbox will still be there.

System Mechanic – All computers should have some form of virus protection, especially if you use a PC that runs on Windows. It can help to fix errors and increase your computer’s performance. Plus, it will clean up your computer, protect your privacy, and repair any problems.

What are your favorite computer apps and programs?

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